Learn How to Diffuse Essential Oils

Learn How to Diffuse Essential Oils

Essential oils are noted for their unique healing properties, and this is true whether they are used in massage treatments, as remedies for illness and even as basic aromatherapy treatments. They are incredibly potent and condensed, and when using them for in a way that puts them into direct contact with skin, they must be diluted to a large degree. Interestingly enough, not many know that essential oils have to be diluted when diffused, too.

In this brief guide, we are going to look at several safe and effective ways to diffuse essential oil; ensuring you get the very most from any diffusions you might use.

Why Use Essential Oil?

Did you know that diffusing essential oils does more than set a mood or create an appealing natural scent in your home or space? Some diffusions can destroy certain airborne germs, address an array of symptoms relating to health conditions, combat insomnia and even help with concentration and focus. The key to successfully using them is to know how to best diffuse essential oils for your intended purpose.

  • Simple, safe and effective - One of the simplest ways to diffuse essential oils is to just place two to three drops on a handkerchief or tissue and then keep it nearby. You might even tuck one into the air vent of a car to allow the air to flow through and diffuse the oil throughout. You will have to refresh the oil every hour or so, but it is a nice way to refresh the air in your office, room or vehicle.
  • Candlelight - Many of us already own a tea light diffuser, and this is a wonderful way to diffuse oils. A good tip is to use boiling water in the vessel and then add the ten drops of oil. This evaporates it much faster and allows the tea light to make the very most of its time beneath the little chamber holding the oil.
  • Nebulizers - Though a mainstay of those with respiratory problems, there are also cool air nebulizers designed for diffusing essential oils. They use electricity to turn the dilution into a fine mist. This is a wonderful way diffuse an oil in order to use it medicinally and therapeutically.
  • Electric diffusers - Also described as fan diffusers, these have pads that are soaked with a few drops of oil and then the electric fan helps to disperse the aroma. Some are heated to help with evaporation, but others are not. They go through the oil quickly, but heavier oils can last much longer.
  • Mist diffusers - These are often a bit pricey, but they create a fine mist similar to the nebulizer but use only a small amount of oil to effectively fill a room or small space. These are preferred by many because they are so easy to clean and maintain.

You can also use simple diffusion sticks that soak up oil and then slowly allow its aroma to disperse into the air, though these really are only for aromatic use instead of medicinal. Whatever way you diffuse your essential oils, you are sure to enjoy the results.



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