Top 10 Essential Oils for Stress and Anxiety

Top Ten Essential Oils for Stress


Our sense of smell plays a significant role in our emotional well-being. The part of the brain attached to our sense of smell, known as the limbic system, is also the seat of our emotions. With this knowledge, we can understand how aromatherapy can have a profound effect on our emotions. It is also important to note that our sense of smell can also play a key role in the functioning of the central nervous system, which controls blood circulation, breathing and pulse rate, which are all effected by stress. There are many essential oils that can be effective in reducing feelings of stress. The top ten essential oils for stress are:


Frankincense – Frankincense has a balsamic, woodsy, scent produced from tree resin. It has the ability to help us release negative emotions like anger, anxiety, and stress. Frankincense essential oil aids in slowing down breathing rates and is often used to improve meditation and sleep.

Lavender – This herbaceous floral is frequently used to improve the mood and calm the emotions. Lavender essential oil can affect the central nervous system and adrenal glands, making it an excellent oil to use for reducing many of the physical symptoms of stress.

Chamomile – Chamomile essential oil is easily one of the best choices for helping to manage symptoms of stress. It produces a calming effect to help the user relax. Use chamomile to reduce anxiety and stress and promote a restful sleep.

Sandalwood – The warm woodsy scent of sandalwood works well to ward off feelings of stress and tension. It is an extremely comforting oil that promotes feelings of relaxation.

Bergamot – Bergamot essential oil has a fresh citrusy scent. It has the ability to promote balanced emotions with its uplifting scent and diminish the effects of stress.

Marjoram – The sweet and herbaceous scent of marjoram essential oil helps to ease the emotions and promote emotional balance.

Melissa – Melissa is more commonly known as lemon balm. Its fragrant lemon-like scent can help to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Melissa has a wonderfully uplifting scent.

Geranium – Use geranium essential oil to help balance the emotions and reduce stress and tension headaches caused by stress.

Rose – This fragrant floral essential oil is well known for its ability to ease stress and stimulate feelings of peace. Rose essential oil is very comforting.

Cedarwood – Cedarwood essential oil is easily recognized by its earthy, woodsy scent. It can help relieve tension, anxiety, and stress, and can stabilize the emotions.


There are many ways to enjoy the benefits of the top ten essential oils for stress. Try adding a few drops to the floor of your shower, or create a room spray using distilled water and a custom blend of your favorite stress-reducing oils. Some scents that work well together are lavender with chamomile, frankincense with lavender, or sandalwood with rose. Add a few drops of oil to a vaporizer and allow the essential oils to disperse through the room. Another great way to enjoy the stress-reducing benefits of essential oils is to wear diluted oils topically. Apply to pulse points or the soles of your feet and let the oils get to work.

Incorporating some of the essential oils listed above into your daily life can be an effective way of managing stress holistically. Aromatherapy is an ideal tool to integrate into your self-care routine to help keep stress at bay. The sense of smell has a significant effect on many central nervous system functions, as well as the adrenal glands which are greatly affected by stressful situations. Using essential oils that reduce stress is a natural way to aid in balancing the emotions.

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